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Research group

From 2006 up to now, she is member of the Energy Technology research group (GTE) from the University of Vigo, and holds an specific multidisciplinary research line within it.

The multidisplinary group is formed by engineering students at Ph. D. and Masters levels, R & D researchers, assistants and associated professors as well as collaborators from other research groups.

Group members

  • César Mourenza: R & D researcher at Russula S.A. (Ph. D. student)
  • Iván Vieitez: R & D researcher (Ph. D. student)
  • Rubén López-Cancelos: Assistant professor
  • Marcos Meis: Assistant professor
  • Alejandro Valeije Varona: R & D researcher (Ph. D. student)
  • Carlos Coroas Fombella: R & D researcher (Ph. D. student)

Collaborations with other research groups

Department of Mechanical, Thermal and Fluids Engineering | Campus universitario | C.P. 36310 Vigo (Pontevedra) | Spain | Tel: +34 986 812 219