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Selected Papers

    F. Sastre, A. Valeije, E. Martin, A. Velazquez " Experimental and numerical study on the flow topology of finned heat sinks with tip clearance ", International Journal of Thermal Sciences , vol. 132, pp. 146-160, 2018.[doi]

    J. Sieres, E. Martin, J. A. Martínez Suárez" Condensation of superheated R134a and R437A inside a vertical tube ", Science and Technology for the Build Environment, vol. 23:6, pp. 884-895, 2017. [doi]

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    M. Reyes, A. Velazquez, E. Martin, J.R. Arias " Experimental study on the confined 3D laminar flow past a square prism with a high blockage ratio ", International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, vol. 44, pp. 444-457, 2013. [doi]

    E. Martín, M. Meis, C. Mourenza, D. Rivas, F. Varas "Fast solution of direct and inverse design problems concerning furnace operation conditions in steel industry ", Applied Thermal Engineering, vol. 47, pp. 41-53, 2012. [doi]

    J. C. Conde, E. Martín, S. Stefanov, P. Alpuim, S. Chiussi "FEM numerical analysis of excimer laser induced modification in alternating multi-layers of amorphous and nano-crystalline silicon films ", Applied Surface Science , vol. 258, Issue 23, pp. 9342–9346, 2012. [doi]

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    J. C. Conde, E. Martín, S. Chiussi, F. Gontad, C. Serra, P. González "Finite element simulation for ultraviolet excimer laser processing of patterned Si/SiGe/Si(100) heterostructures ", Applied Physics Letters, vol. 97, 2010. [doi]

    J. C. Conde, E. Martín, F. Gontad, S. Chiussi, L. Fornarini & B. Leon "Numerical analysis of temperature profile and thermal-stress during excimer laser induced heteroepitaxial growth of patterned amorphous silicon and germanium bi-layers deposited on Si(100) ", Thin Solid Films, vol. 518, pp. 2431-2436, 2010. [doi]

    J. C. Conde, S.Chiussi, E. Martín, F. Gontad, L. Fornarini & B. Leon "Numerical studies of temperature profile and hydrodynamic phenomena during excimer laser assisted heteroepitaxial growth of patterned silicon and germanium bi-layers ", Thin Solid Films, vol. 518, pp. 143-146, 2010. [doi]

    E. Martín & J. M. Vega " Effect of a thin floating fluid layer in parametrically forced waves", Wseas Transactions on Fluid Mechanics, vol. 3, pp. 1-9, 2008. [doi]

    E. Martin & J. M. Vega " The effect of surface contamination on the drift instability", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 546, pp. 203-225, 2006. [doi]

    E. Martin & J. M. Vega "Mean flow effects in the nearly inviscid Faraday waves ", Advances In Fluid Mechanics VI. Wit Transactions on Engineering Sciences , vol.52, pp. 213-222, 2006. [doi]

    E. Martín, C. Martel & J. M. Vega "Mean flow effects in the Faraday instability ", International Journal of Modern Physics B , vol. 17, pp. 4278-4283, 2003. [doi]

    E. Martín, C. Martel, & J. M. Vega" Drift instability of standing Faraday waves ", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol.467, pp. 57-79, 2002. [doi]

Selected chapters

    D.N.Passarella, F. Varas, E. Martín "Mathematical Modeling of Heat Transfer during Quenching Process", Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Equations: Theory and Applications, Ed. Taylor & Francis Group, vol. 1, pp. 185-191, 2013. [doi]

    J. Guiu, D. M. Escala, J. Carballido, A. Perez, E. Martín "Viscous Fingering Instabilities in Reactive Miscible Media", Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Equations: Theory and Applications, Ed. Taylor & Francis Group, vol. 1, pp. 409-412, 2013. [doi]

    E. Martín, J. M. Vega "Streaming Flow Effects in the Nearly Inviscid Faraday Instability", Advances in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, Ed. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg , pp. 329-338, 2010. [doi]

    E. Martín & J. M. Vega "Effect of a Thin Floating Fluid Layer in Parametrically Forced Waves", Proceedings of the 5th IASME/WSEAS International Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics (FMA '07), Ed. World Scientific and Engineering ACAD and SOC, vol. 3, pp. 247-252, 2007. [doi]

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