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Research lines

The present main rearch lines tackle modelling and numerical simulation of different heat transfer problems in various industrial processes, among others:

    Steel products heating in industrial furnaces

    Multiphase flow analysis in quenching by submerging

    Controlled air-cooling of steel products

    Excimer laser treatment of semiconducting materials

    Micro-heat exchangers. Heat transfer analysis and flow mixing enhancement in laminar flows

    Reduced order modelling of industrial heat treatment processes

The research laboratory offers the possibility of perfoming experimental analysis of quenching by submerging processes with different liquids according to ISO 9950:1995, ASTM D 6200-01 and ASTM D 6482-99 norms. Special probes can also be manufactured and tested.

Department of Mechanical, Thermal and Fluids Engineering | Campus universitario | C.P. 36310 Vigo (Pontevedra) | Spain | Tel: +34 986 812 219